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Who We Are

Bezirk is changing the fundamentals of the IoT space with innovative solutions and new perspectives to consumers and industry.

Bezirk launched as a global company, with management and resources in both North America and India. Bezirk is developed from research teams within Robert Bosch, LLC. Bezirk is currently supported as an independent business by BOSCH.

Our Beliefs

Consumers Know that They are Valuable

The first generation of killer apps, such as mapping and streaming may be ending, Then, services were offered, and consumers cave al l personal information to one or many clouds in return. Consumers did not know the value of their own behavior information. In this second generation, devices and systems work with consumers for a common goal… serve the consumer. In exchange, the consumer releases an appropriate amount of personal data to be served in a custom way, but that information is broad, yet reveals true buying preferences.

Consumers Constantly Generate Preference Data

In this modern, free society, the first measure of liberty is choice. The modern consumer could spend an entire day simple making choices. These choice help define a consumer. The collective value of these choices, when structured, organized, and summarized, is very high. They aid in a wide variety of predictions and recommendations made just for a single consumer. Should a consumer only drink a certain coffee on Sundays, then the coffee shop is reminding you of their special brew this Sunday.

Balance between Data Exploitation and Benefits

Bezirk normalizes data for use across vendors, retailers, municipalities and such, offering insight into a consumer, while also assuring a discrete level of anonymity for the individual. Consumers may then receive the benefits sales incentives, while only revealing detailed data onve that consumer is inside a store, or a retailer has supplied detailed data for targeted filtering.

Too Much Technology to Remember

This is what we nerds call interface heterogeneity: Bezirk alleviates the cognitive overload from dealing with too many devices by facilitating seamless, automated interactions with multiple device types. Our belief is that it will seem completely natural to allow a technology such as Bezirk to interact and negotiate, on your behalf, with the devices and applications in your surrounding environment.

Don’t Cloud the Issue

Many vendors believe that they may profit from analyzing the data that consumers generate. With many vendors trying the same thing, consumers are exploited by data fragmentation. Bezirk delivers a common personalized experience among different devices and applications. Currently, each distinct application creates and maintains a distinct model of you. Fragmentation leads to distorted personalized experiences. By providing a unified digital model of you, Bezirk provides a 360-degree understanding of you leading to enhanced and unified personal experiences.

My Life’s Data Belongs to Me.

This is a buyer’s market. The consumer will take control. Bezirk delivers the data privacy and controls to put you the consumer back in charge. Bezirk transfers ownership and control of your digital model to you. Traditionally, this ownership and control was kept in the hands of companies and stored in the cloud. Due to the privacy concerns surrounding IoT devices and applications, this is an alarming proposition. With Bezirk, your digital model is private and information may be only be shared, at your discretion, with trusted parties.

IoT Platform

Bezirk is a consumer’s private concierge. Needs are met by transaction systems when the consumer walks in. Learn more about our IoT Platform...


Know your customer! Put the most targeted sales incentive right into your consumers’ hands, every time, while in or out of your store. Learn about BEYOND...


Bezirk offers a complete open-source SDK for applicaiton developers. Ready to see what you can create? Visit our Developer site...